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    • Amber Ales & Lagers

    • # 10 West Sixth brewing "Amber" abv: 5.5%

      Stunning in color, the West Sixth Amber (also known at the Deliberation Amber in our taproom) is perhaps our most beautiful looking beer.  Yeast and hops take the backseat as malt shines with a crisp, biscuity zing.  Flaked rye gives the impression of toasted rye toast and candied pecans.  Sitting at a very sessionable strength, the West Sixth Amber is perfect for when you want more than one.

    • #2 New albanian brewing Co. "Elector" Abv: 7.5% IBu: 62

      Medium bodied Imperial Red Ale with assertive but balanced malts and hops.

    • #36 Apocalypse Brew Works "Hoptoberfest" abv: 5.2% ibu: 26

      Toasty, malty and a bit hoppy, everything you like in an Autumn lager.

    • #17 Cumberland brewery “red ale” – abv: 5.5% ibu: 33.5

      A standard drinkable red ale. Though too high in abv to be considered a session ale. Very balanced with a smooth flavor.

    • Brown Ales

    • #24 Goodwood Brewing Company "Walnut Brown" abv: 6% ibu: 23

      You’ll go totally walnuts over this oak-aged, walnut-seasoned brown ale. Made with a brewing style that dates back to 16th-century England and using a blend of six choice malts and two English hops, Goodwood Walnut Brown Ale features notes of caramel and chocolate with a finish that is – you guessed it – pleasingly nutty.

    • #35 Apocalypse Brew Works "KY Hop Brown" abv: 5.8% ibu: 49.3

      Toasty, nutty and oh so hoppy!

    • #5 Country boy brewing “shotgun wedding” – abv: 5.3%

      A malty brown ale conditioned with real vanilla beans. This beer was made for a friend's wedding, with no intention of ever making it again. The folks at the reception had other plans. The use of real vanilla beans is costly and time consuming, but one sip and you will understand why.

    • Pilsner

    • #36 apocalypse brew works "Pilsner" abv: 5.6% ibu: 30

      A classic American Pilsner. Malty with a faint corn like sweetness. It is a slightly bitter and full bodied lager. Hops are a mix of earthy and herbal.

    • #18 Against the grain brewery “poffo pilsner” - abv: 5% ibu: 25.7

      Smooth and crisp German style pilsner using light pilsner malts with a cold lagering process.

    • #23 Goodwood brewing company “Louisville lager” – abv:5% ibu: 28

      Goodwood Louisville Lager is the first and only beer brewed with 100% Kentucky-grown grains. And, in a tip of the cap to our Slugger-making neighbors downtown, white ash – common in baseball bats – is used to enhance brewing. This results in a light-bodied, perfectly balanced lager with a sweet finish delivered by those Kentucky grains.

    • India Pale Ales

    • # 30 Bluegrass Brewing "Dankish IPA" abv: 6.5% ibu: 65

      Standard American IPA brewed as a hop showcase with Centennial Hops in the boil, middle, and late additions. Dry-hopped with Cascade Hops.

    • #37 Apocalypse brew works “r.i.p. rye ipa” abv: 6.7% ibu: 68

      This I.P.A. has a deathly amount of hops with rye malt.

    • #6 Country Boy Brewing "cliff jumper ipa" - ABV: 7%

      A straight forward citrus IPA.  Cliff Jumper is sure to please the most persistent hop head and yet this beer is still loved by all! Named for the days spent jumping from the rock bluffs at Rough River lake,  all it takes is one hop!

    • #26 Eight ball brewing "red drink imperial red ipa" – abv: 8%

      A full bodied double I.P.A, this a maltier style with longer roasted malts to give this beer its red color and flavor profile.

    • #32 Falls city “hipster repellent ipa” - abv: 6.5 % ibu: 65

      This I.P.A. has a piney and citrusy hop character that is balanced nicely by a caramel and toffee malt base. An extra dose of citra hops was added for dry hopping to give this beer a character that will outlast any trend.

    • #15 FLAT 12 BIERWERKS "HALF CYCLE IPA" – ABV: 6% IBU: 104

      Named after its marriage of single and double I.P.A. characteristics. This is a single I.P.A. with a spicy, citrusy, and piney hop character. Have cycle is dry hopped with a poung of high alpha American hops in every barrel.

    • #1 New albanian brewing company “hoptimus” – abv: 10.7% ibu: 100

      This in an imperial i.p.a. with very aggressive hop character and a solid malt backbone.

    • #9 WEST SIXTH BREWING "I.P.A" – ABV: 7%

      This is a big hoppy well balanced I.P.A. You will find notes of peaches, lemon zest, and tangerines. Made with these four hops: cascade, columbus, centennial, and citra.

    • Dark Lagers & Bocks

    • #21 against the grain "I'll be black" abv: 5.7% ibu: 22.7

      From a not so distant future comes a beer as dark as a cyborg’s soul... if it had one. This Schwarzbier would make Arnold proud with its relentlessly rich yet light body and its roasted, chocolaty aroma and flavor. Though it is German, not Austrian like the actor who inspired it, I’ll Be Black is as diligent in its deliciousness as the T-1 in its search for Sarah Connor. I’ll Be Black: Something Unstoppable.

    • #34 Blue Stallion Brewing Company "Munich Dunkel" abv: 5.4% ibu: 24

      Originally brewed in Munich, this classic dark lager has become quite popular throughout Germany. We use a large amount of Munich malts in this lager to provide a bread-like taste with a hint of caramel, which is common of this particular style of beer. We also use one of Germany's finest noble hops from the Hallertauer region to make this beer as authentic as possible. The rich and sweet aromas balanced with its deep brown color will be sure to give your senses an enjoyable overall impression.

    • Porters

    • #38 apocalypse brew works "pestilence porter" abv: 5.8% ibu: 28.7

      Smooth dark chocolate and roasted malt flavors with a  hint of nuttiness.

    • #39 Cumberland brews “nitro porter” – abv: 6% ibu: 30

      Chocolaty, rich porter, with the mouth feel that nitrogen taps have to offer. Smooth roasted malt undertones.

    • #11 West sixth brewing “cocoa porter” – abv: 7%

      A robust American porter that has been brewed with organic, direct-trade cocoa nibs. This beer is dominated by roasty malts and a strong aroma of chocolate.

    • Strong British Ale

    • #19 Against the grain "tartan titan" abv: 7.1% ibu: 24.8

      A modest Scotch Ale, this lovely beer shows off everything that is good about malt. Look for plenty of heavily caramelized sugars, a full body, toffee, coffee, chocolate, and mild roast notes all laying on an almost creamy backbone. It is sweet, but not clovying as the early hop addition contributes just enough bitterness to balance out all the residual sugars. If you are paying attention, you may even get a hint of alcoholic heat that hides behind the toasty specialty malts. Best consumed with nothing on underneath your clothes.

    • American Pale Ales

    • # 27 Monnik "Pale Ale" abv: 5.4%

      Aroma of orange zest and somewhat floral. Big tea flavor. And lasting resinous bitterness.

    • #25 Eight ball brewing “prodigal son a.p.a.” – abv: 6%

      Hopped how we like, Prodigal is malty sweet with a bunch of floral goodness. This is one fine American Pale Ale. Prodigal is made with the same mash bill but rotating hop profile.

    • #4 Country boy brewing “half-way home a.p.a.” – abv: 6%

      This a nice big citrusy galaxy hopped pale ale.

    • Blonde Ales

    • #3 New Albanian Brewing Co. "Tafel Bier" abv: 4% ibu: 12

      Tafel is a unique “table beer,” with few commercial comparisons. Tafel has no spices, but recommend to those who ask for Belgian-style Wit

    • #8 Country boy brewing “cougar bait” – abv: 4.9%

      A crisp straw-colored ale with antique malt and citrus balance.

    • #13 Flat 12 bierwerks “upside down blonde” – abv: 5.4% ibu: 23.1

      This is a hybrid style pilsner/wheat based beer that delivers a full body, and slight citrus notes and aroma from traditional noble hops.

    • Wheat Ales & Hefeweizens

    • #12 West sixth brewing “ lemongrass wheat” – abv: 5.7%

      It's a non traditional American wheat beer that was fermented with one of our house ale yeasts, pours with an off-white head and has a light lemon flavor. Spicy lemon citrus hits the nose. The sorachi ace hops provide tangy, lemony qualities that work in unison with the lemongrass. From start to finish you will find a deliciously balanced wheat ale with a crisp mouth feel and moderate hop bitterness.

    • Belgian Strong Ales

    • #28 Bluegrass Brewing "X3 Belgian Triple" abv: 9.5% ibu: 24

      Sometimes we have good ideas and this is one of them. A traditional Belgian triple brewed with our friend Drew Johnson of Liquor Barn. A slightly hazy golden appearance with a lovely white head. The yeast provides fruity esters on the noise and taste. Slight banana and clove flavors with a smooth finish.

    • Spiced Beers

    • #14 Flat 12 Bierwerks "Flat jack Pumpkin" abv: 5.7% ibu: 22.3

      A special blend of spices and pumpkins shine through this slightly sweet and malty ale to the tribute of the season of hayrides and bonfires.

    • #16 Cumberland Brewery "Pumpkin Ale" abv: 5.5%

      A standard pumpkin ale that will remind you of fall with every pint.

    • Barrel Aged

    • #20 against the grain "Mac fannybaw" abv: 8.5% ibu: 25

      Truly a groundbreaking beer, this Barrel aged Rauchbier was an attempt to replicate the flavors present in Islay Scotch Whiskey. We used Munich malt as a base and added copious amounts of Beechwood and Peat smoked malt, which provides the intense smoky and earthy peat flavors found in Scotch. Then the addition of Alderwood smoked salt lends a crisp brininess that is reminiscent of the sea air in the Islay region of Scotland. Aged in used Angel's Envy Bourbon Barrels to give an intense caramel, vanilla and whiskey flavor.

    • #40 Bluegrass Brewing "Bourbon barrel nitro stout" abv: 8.1% ibu: 18.7

    • #33 Alltech “kentucky bourbon barrel ale” – abv: 8.2 ibu: 29

      Subtle yet familiar flavors of vanilla and oak are imparted to this special ale as it rests in the charred barrels. This is a pleasantly smooth and robust ale.

    • #22 Goodwood brewing company “bourbon barrel stout” – abv: 8.5 ibu: 35

      Goodwood Bourbon Barrel Stout is an homage to Kentucky’s proud distilling legacy – brewed with the same limestone water as its namesake whiskey and patiently seasoned in bourbon barrels. This silky American stout has notes of oak, dark roasted malts and, of course, bourbon. Roasted barley produces chocolate and coffee flavors with a lasting vanilla finish.

    • Stouts

    • # 7 Dry Ground Brewing "Rapture" abv: 9.4% ibu: 69

      This Imperial Stout pours winter night black. Nose smells of spicy toasted marshmallow with hints of dark chocolate. Mouth feel is smooth, full bodied with a dry finish. Tastes like spicy iced coffee with hints of star anise and black strap molasses.

    • #29 Bluegrass Brewing "Heine Mocha Milk Stout" abv: 6% ibu: 30

      American Stout is the base of this beer, add Heine French Roast Coffee in the mash and cold extract to the bright tank. Organic cacao nibs and powder and milk sugar. Full-bodied.

    • Cream Ales

    • #31 Falls City "Kentucky common" - abv: 4.7%

      The Kentucky Common is a beer style invented in the Commonwealth during prohibition. It uses the bourbon sour mash in the brewing process to give it a slight tart and unique taste.

    • Upcoming Beers

    • Against the grain "Brown Note-Nitro" abv: 5% ibu: 20

      The brown ale to end all brown ales. Enjoy it, because there is no longer any reason to drink another. You’ve reached the pinnacle. A healthy blend of traditional British malts give this popular style a semi-sweet, biscuity, slightly roasted flavor. Oats thicken the mouthfeel, and a handful of specialty malts add complex chocolate, toffee, and caramel notes. The hops are mostly traditional, earthy British hops, but we cocked it up a bit with some Cascade late in the boil just to show those snooty Brits that we don’t approve of that Constitutional Monarchy crap. Add the fact that we put this on Nitro, and you add a level of creaminess to an already flavorful beer that only the Brown Note can deliver on.

    • against the grain "Hallowed fox bier de garde" abv: 8% ibu 14.3

      Foxes are known for being clever, spirited beasts of beauty. This Biere de Garde brewed with Sage, Marjoram and hand-harvested Yarrow flower from Fox Hollow Farm could easily be called the same. The aroma is big on Sage, the body rich with notes of toast, toffee and caramel. Earthy herb flavors mingle with rich malts and big fruity esthers and finish with an almost licorice-like spiciness and a touch of sweetness from a late Sorghum addition. It is a mystical blend of flavors, and at 8%, a little mischievous as well. This beer will replace #20 AGT Macfanny Baw.

    • Dry Ground Brewing "Fresh plowed" abv: 5.3% ibu: 29

      This Saison pours straw colored, pillow like white head with heavy lacing. The nose smells of lemon zest, apricot and sourdough and it offers the mouth feel of something soft and feathery with a taste of  sweet, clean flowers and a lemoned dandelion finish. This beer will replace #3 NABC Tafelbier.

    • Falls City "Harvest Ale" abv: 5.2% ibu: 24

      Bust out your favorite fall jacket and warm your spirits with this nutty, earthy and spicy Harvest Ale. Brewed with five grains and flavored with molasses and pecans, it's perfect for fall festivals or after you've finished jumping in a big pile of leaves. This beer will replace #31 Falls City KY Common.

    • Flat 12 Bierwerks "Pogue's Run Porter" abv: 5.5% ibu: 34.1

      Porter using dark grains including brown malt, makes this a smooth, balanced, slightly roasted, and chocolaty light porter.

    • West sixth brewing "Kolsch" abv: 5.7%

      This old world Northern German style ale is pale straw in color, with a slight haze left behind by the Kolsch yeast. A perfume of grainy malt with subtle hints of lemon and fruit greets the nose. Bright flavors of pale malt are immediately apparent with just a touch of fruitiness that quickly dissipates on the palate allowing this beer to finish surprisingly clean. This beer will replace #12 W6th Lemongrass Wheat.

    • West Sixth brewing "Mare's Milk Stout" abv: 5.4%

      This beer is nearly opaque black in color and lends aromas of coffee, mild chocolate, and roasted malt. These aromatic characteristics follow through in the flavor, then finishes with a combination of both milk and dark chocolate. Lactose milk sugar and flaked oats create a pleasantly full mouthfeel that lasts all the way to the finish. This beer will be replacing #11 W6th Cocoa Porter.

    • Against the grain brewery “kentucky ryed chiquen” – abv: 8.6% ibu: 27.4

      Amber ale brewed with rye malt and aged in whiskey barrels. Brewed with maris otter hops from the UK and rye malt and caramel rye from Germany, imparting a spicy, fruity and dry flavor. Kent golding and English nugget balance out this recipe. After fermentation, batch was moved into rye barrels and aged for five weeks. This beer will replace #19 ATG Tartan Titan.